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Oleo-Pneumatic Riveting Tools

Oleo-Pneumatic Riveting Tools
Oleo-pneumatic riveting tools 
Net weight: 1.52kg
real riveting journey: 15mm
Dimensions mm: 205 × 72 × 290 / L × W × H
applies to materials and specifications: diameter 5.0mm all of the following specifications and rivets of various materials
main performance characteristics: light weight , fast and convenient maintenance.
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Oleo-pneumatic riveting tools, a kind of pneumatic tools, also called pneumatic easy squeeze blind rivet gun, pneumatic riveter, pneumatic rivet nut gun, pneumatic easy squeeze blind rivet nut gun and pneumatic blind rivet gun, currently is the advanced rivet jointing tool in the domestic. Pneumatic easy squeeze blind rivet guns, Pneumatic Rivet Gun, riveting tool taking compressed air as power to snap the rivets through the cylinders in series connection, possess of the advantages of being simple in riveting, fast in jointing speed, light in hand-held weight and no oil-liquid consumption. riveting tool, one of the most international advanced rivet jointing tools currently, is widely used in the trades of decoration and finishes, automobile manufacture and refit, containers, electrical appliances, household electrical appliances, instrumentation, cases and mechanical manufacturing, etc. The Oleo-pneumatic riveting tool made by Handan Yuanda Metal Products Co., Ltd. is rational in design, compact in structure, convenient for use, low in noise, high in efficiency and safety performance, low in price and durable and secure. The product has been well received by the customers both at home and abroad since put into the market. We wish to extend our warm welcome to our customers to negotiate business with us.
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